Klondo Visuals


Red Bull Signature Series “Dreamline”

Put the world’s best BMX dirt jumpers and trail riders on one of the most amazing dirt contest courses ever built, and you get top-notch, progressive riding and a hell of a good time. Klondo Visuals was brought in by Red Bull to capture unique high action shots that no other camera system in the world could achieve. Running through the woods, chasing bikes down the mountain and getting inserts on the fly all 100 percent stabilized with no post work at all. Our crew at KV never missed a moment during the 3 day action on slought. Check out the full show this October on NBC. For a more Behind the scenes look into the shoot check out

Crew: Corey Koniniec, Justin Eeles and Sam Nuttmann

Shot On: MOVI M10, RED EPIC, Zeiss Contax Lenses, Duclos Lenses, Small HD, Teradek Bolt Wireless